Turn Your Sunday Blues into Late Night Jazz

Sunday Blues_waterrose

It is 3pm afternoon, Sunday. You may just finish jogging back from sunny weather outside. Or you are sitting on couch with a warm blanket, reading one of those books that should be finished long ago. You made yourself a cup of tea and decided to spend the next hour just curling somewhere comfortable at home and doing nothing.

That’s when the feeling of slight anxiety starts kicking in, out of nowhere: A lovely weekend is about to end. You have to set your alarm to 6:45 again. The weekly schedule seems to be long forgotten during the weekend, now it starts coming back. You try to keep concentrating on the post work-out stretching or the words you are reading, but it feels like a part of your mind get constantly distracted, by the plans you “might have to complete” next week, starting in just 16 hours.

Sunday evening beats Monday morning as the unhappiest time of the week, according to a study from Sweden. Being considered not as the end of a weekend but as the beginning of a stressful week, Sunday Blues can be sometimes so overwhelming, and it is supposed to be nothing but relaxing.

Margaret Everton describes in the article “The Solace of Sunday Night” that there are ways to overcome your Sunday Blues, depending which kind of person you are.

For example, there are “the toiler”, who cannot wait to jump into their new agenda plan for next week. Or there are “the idler”, and they chose to ignore things on Sunday that has nothing to do with their personal lives.

However we may react to it, responds what kind of person you are. The biggest anxiety often comes from the dilemma to decide what to do with your time, and keep wondering the other way of spending time might be actually better.

“What you choose not to do with these hours can be just as important as what you choose to do: Omission is as important as permission.”

Make a list and think forward

Say if you cannot help thinking about the tasks are about to come, then end the endless thinking game with making a plan, or a to-do-list. And here comes the art of list-making: it helps you to become a forward thinker and more organized, so that your mind wouldn’t be occupied by events coming up because you know you have already planed time to finish it.

While I am making your plan or list, I always do it with joy. I love the feeling of getting things lined-up so that I can cross them off the list. And I mark those time points that are supposed to let me have fun and reward myself then with a glass of wine.

Enjoy your Sunday guilt-free

Or that you just hate to let those overwhelmed work invade your personal space, then you should turn off your phone and stop reading Emails. And most importantly, whatever you do with your own quality time, do it guilt-free.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming week

A good way of making your time “worthy” can start in preparing upcoming workweek. For example, cook a nice meal and make an extra portion for a long day after work. Get your laundry done and closet organized for the week.

It doesn’t matter if you spend your Sunday making Blueberry-pancake or ironing your shirts for the week, it’s your time and you have earned to enjoy it. With a perfect and relaxing ending of the week, you already tone up your next week and turn Sunday Blues into laid-back late night jazz.


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